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Physician Inquiries  and Recruitment

Royal Medical Consultants, Inc. is seeking Healthcare Professionals that have credentials and training that set them apart from other Healthcare Professionals in their respective area. We handle many types of claims including;

Workers' Compensation
Auto all types; PIP, Med Pay and Liability 
 Long-term disability patients.
General liability, Slip & Fall., Food Poisoning, toxicology

Royal Medical Consultants, Inc. assists physicians by providing transcription services, sorting and tabbing of medical records, prompt payment and managing all patient appointment confirmations.

We require Healthcare Professionals to perform an IME to a logical conclusion.

Healthcare Professionals accepted as Examiners must also understand that the IME process may include addendums, depositions, and/or court testimony. They must also agree that they will not treat any patient on whom they have performed an IME.

Examiners must provide examination reports that include a comprehensive medical history, comprehensive physical exam, current findings, diagnosis, impressions, and specific recommendations that are backed by defensible reasoning's and available research literature.

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