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Royal Medical Consultant’s IME services play an essential role in workers’ compensation, disability, auto and liability cases, while setting the standards for accuracy, objectivity and quality. No other medical consulting provider is more experienced at providing independent medical evaluations. From basic evaluations to in-depth, comprehensive assessments, the staff of the Royal Medical Consultants are attuned to your need for prompt scheduling, fast response and fully accountable customer service.

Comprehensive Quality
Accountability is important, so we provide a full range of Medical Consulting services to assist you in administration and litigation. We understand that the work performed by our company may have an impact upon our clients and the claimants who are evaluated.  The claims decisions regarding disability status, medical care, diagnostic testing, and other claims decisions depend on the thoroughness of our services. This is a serious and complex process, warranting quality resources and a professional staff with a respect for the importance of the process and attentiveness to details. Additionally, we focus on immediate feedback and the quick turnaround of each case.

Timeliness of Service
Our comprehensive IME process is unique in that it expedites the evaluation process to save you time. We can provide a fax summary report within a few hours after the evaluation, followed by a final report on your desk in 3-5 business days.  Additionally, we will inform you of missed or canceled appointments the same day or within 24 hours.

Thorough, Well Organized Reports
Using a structured approach, each report is valid, reliable and defensible, with a review of each of your specific issues and questions.

With unsurpassed turn-around time and integrity, Royal Medical Consultants implements an integrated administrative process and professional review system to deliver effective IME services to employers, insurance carriers, third-party administrators and legal professionals. Supported by our extensive physician network, we conduct thorough peer reviews, medical records reviews and physical capacity evaluations to offer essential information and insight.

Physician Network

  Credentialed, board-certified physicians
All specialties 
Royal Medical's exclusive "clinical peer" reviewers 
Broad geographic coverage

Integrated Administrative Process
After a single contact from you, Royal Medical Consultants' integrated administrative process assures that the appropriate physician is assigned to the case. In a timely manner, we then proceed to handle all concerns including:


Phone, fax, e-mail and Web site  

Records management

Comprehensive tracking system
Fax reports within 24 hours
Completeness reviewed by experienced professionals

Peer Reviews

Provide qualified physicians for expert testimony, or for medical protocol and treatment 
plan review

Medical Records Reviews

Address the issues of causality, reasonableness and medical necessity

Help determine and direct the next steps of a case 


Physical Capacity Evaluations

Determine the ability to perform job-specific functions by assessing and measuring an 
individual’s strength and stamina against benchmarked criteria

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