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Independent Medical Evaluations
This service involves a detailed medical examination a through review of available medical records and diagnostic studies. The purpose of these examinations is to evaluate objectively, without regard to pecuniary interest involved, what the injured parties needs are with regard to future treatment, ability to work, and causal relationship of injuries sustained. 

Our Independent Medical Evaluations service assists physicians by providing prompt payment, transcriptions services, organization of medical records and the managing of all patient appointment confirmations.

Our goal is to make sure that our client receives an objective opinion.

Retrospective Reviews
Various forms of record or peer reviews are offered to fulfill your informational needs. These reviews range from total file review with pertinent questions such as work relatedness, end of healing, treatment plan or causation issues. We also provide diagnostic reviews which specifically address diagnostic testing of any type. These reviews are conducted by fully credentialed medical or chiropractic clinical peers to enable you to determine the reasonableness, relatedness or medical necessity of the claims.

Medical & Chiropractic Experts
With access to medical expertise being a need as well as a concern, we have created affordable medical & chiropractic expertise on a flexible basis. This service provides you with a medical or chiropractic expert via telephone or on premises to work with your staff to clarify medical issues, answer questions on complicated medical situations and address points of concern in the disposition of claim files.

Return-to-Work Evaluations
This evaluation focuses on return-to-work goals that are the primary objectives of medical case management. This service involves a written evaluation by a vocational expert following a job site inspection with detailed information on the specific physical demands of the job. This report will also include available light duty alternatives for the client, if necessary.

The Return-To-Work Evaluation is done in coordination with the Independent Medical Evaluation, either before of after the examination. By incorporating both these services into one detailed report, this will expedite early return to work and greater accuracy in addressing the salient issues. 

Current knowledge of legislative, legal and industry changes enabling you to receive efficient and accurate service.


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